Say Good Riddance to 2020 with These New Year’s Resolutions

February 10, 2021 4:43 am

The new year is just around the corner, meaning it is time to say good riddance to 2020. With many of us spending more time in our homes, so making some new year’s resolutions for your apartment in Monterrey is a great way to start 2021.

The great news is that there are some simple changes you can make in your Monterrey apartment that will have a big impact. Follow these 5 apartment new year’s resolutions to make apartment living in 2020 the best yet.

Change Up Your Space
Moving furniture around can change the look and feel of your apartment. Rearrange your sofa in the living room, reposition mirrors or artwork, or move your bed to a different wall. Even if you love the way your apartment is arranged, trying a new layout or moving one or two things is a great way to refresh your space and your outlook.

Declutter Your Apartment
Go through your closets and donate or throw out items that you have not worn or used all year. Look through your kitchen drawers and throw out duplicates and items that you never use. Decluttering your apartment will make you feel organized and refreshed!

Deep Clean Your Apartment
Bust out the mop, vacuum, duster, and all-purpose cleaner. A new year is an ideal time to give your Gran Ciudad apartment a good scrubbing! Wash the floors, clean the windows and sills, scrub the toilets and tub/shower, and wipe down doorknobs and handles. Move your furniture and get all the dust bunnies hiding under couches, beds, and other furniture. Living in a fresh, clean apartment will set the new year on the right foot.

Purchase a Statement Piece
Whether you head out to an area antique, boutique, or consignment shop near your Monterrey apartment or you shop online. A statement piece that you and guests admire will make you feel proud and will give your apartment that special feeling.

These great new year’s resolutions for your apartment in Monterrey is a good way to start 2021 off right!